Similar yet significantly different than SMS (Text) Messages, Voice SMS Messages are more like super-charged SMS messages. A pre-recorded message can be sent to thousands globally and simultaneously



An alternative method to reach thousands of customers, members, or new contacts like never before with our easy, efficient and cost-effective software



Our flexible scripting and reporting allows you to capture valuable customer insights in a cost-effective manner



No set up fee, no subscription fee: the service is usage based

State of the art voicemail detection

Pay only for recipients reached

High outbound capacity

Warm and personalized technology

Message can be done in any language

Reach cell phone and landline: people receive the call like a regular phone call

100% hosted and no hardware required  

Improved response rates 

Cost-effectivele and increases revenue Enhance customer service and retention, 

Reduce inbound calls by proactively communicating with customers

Increase agent productivity by automating routine tasks, freeing agents for customers


Insure maximum reach by simplifying when to call, who to call, and permissible calling windows  built directly into your contact strategy

Our Platform allows organizations to seamlessly communicate with their customers across multiple communication channels and mobile devices.
Our industry- leading automated voice messaging can be used as part of a multi-channel Proactive Customer Communications strategy or as a stand-alone communications channel.



Interact with your customers by the use of the phone's key pad. Recipients can answer questions, give confirmations, and register for events

Evaluate the impact and performance of your campaigns using our reporting feature. After each campaign you will get a detailed report giving you valuable information on who received the call, how long the recipients listened to the message and which key was pressed�, enabling you to take appropriate actions





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